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Create the illusion of space with clever lighting

We all have at least one room at home that we wish was a bit bigger.  A few well-chosen, well-placed lights can make your smallest room look much larger.



Recessed lighting





















Recessed lights are perfect for small rooms as they provide large amounts of light without taking up floor and table space and they eliminate the overhead clutter of hanging lights. Directional recessed wall washers used to evenly light wall surfaces in living areas and in narrow hallways can also create a feeling of increased space.


Track lighting





















Like recessed lights, track lights are a great way of lighting a room without using up any valuable space and with the right lamps can create an ambient atmosphere.  They are also directional and can be used to cast light on a statue or picture for dramatic effect.  Another way of visually opening up your living space is to throw light onto just one wall.


Corner lighting





















A great way to make a small room appear larger is to light up the corners. Corners disappear into darkness and make the room look smaller. Illuminating them with corner lights creates the illusion of space as it redirects the eye to the outer perimeter of the room making it look bigger than it really is.


Shelf lighting





















Shelf lights works in the same way as corner lights as they open up dark shelves and add depth and dimension to the room.  Also, if they are correctly positioned, they will display your books or ornaments to brilliant effect.


Natural light





















And now the cheapest and most eco-friendly method - natural light. Allow the daylight to flow freely into your small room to  open  it up. Make sure window coverings are sheer, or are pulled back, to bring more light in.


Mirrors and light
























A great way of creating the illusion of space is by using a combination of mirrors and light. Mirrors dissolve a room's boundaries and reflect light, making any space appear bigger. Use a mirror at the end of a hallway to give the illusion of length. Place a mirror on the opposite side of a window wall with a view to reflect light, and the beautiful view.  


Another great trick with a mirror is to place it behind a light source. Whether it's behind a candle, a pendant light, or a bedside lamp, a mirror will help to maximize the light's reach while creating an almost magical effect.




cramped room traditional-hall kitchen window Lovely-living-space-with-track-lighting-installations-that-stands-out-visually cropped shelf kitchen-light corner