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In my experience as an electrician, your average householder is happy to invest in lighting for the living room and kitchen but the poor old bathroom is often neglected. As most of us have stressful lives these days, your bathroom should be an oasis of serenity to relax and recharge - lighting is key to achieving this.


Make a lighting plan. Go through your bathroom, make a plan and then determine logically where specific lamps should be installed. This shouldn't be a problem if you bear in mind the different types of lighting and the various places and functions in the bathroom. To see our page about lighting plans and the different types of lighting please click here.



Layer it. Good bathroom lighting is all about layering. Task lighting is crucial in the bathroom where you shave, apply make-up, shower, and maybe where you need to see into cupboards. Otherwise the function of your lighting is to create the right mood for your


Dim it. Lets face it, if you’re relaxing in the suds after a hard day (at work/with the kids/shopping/on Facebook), the last thing you want is a harsh central light bearing down you. One of the easiest ways to create instant ambience is to have a dimmer pull cord or switch installed (although the switch must be outside the bathroom). Dimmers are also a blessing in the middle of the night as you won’t be blinded when you pop to the loo.


Frost it. Try replacing your fittings with frosted ones – they cut down on glare and add ambience with a gentler diffused light which appears softer and more even.


Let it in from the side.  A big no-no is a bright light directly above your mirror.  It will throw a strong light onto your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin, making you look 10 years older (no-one wants to see that first thing in the morning). They are also useless for shaving or applying your make-up.  Sidelights will create an even wash of light and if you use warm white lamps you could even end up looking 10 years younger!


Don't forget the shower. If you’re planning the lighting for your bathroom, don’t forget the shower light. It’s easy to overlook and no-one likes to shower in the dark.  Recessed lights are most popular for this purpose but make sure you use ones with the correct IP rating.


If you would like some advice on bathroom lighting or if you would like to make an appointment for a free quotation on any of the services we provide then please contact me.

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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